Online Triple Certificate Course in Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss and Confidence Building

In this video course you can mix and match the techniques and interventions to create your own custom Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss and Confidence Building hypnotherapy sessions.

Inductions and Deepening Techniques

Candle of Relaxation Induction

Blanket of Relaxation Induction

Fingers and Toes Induction

Special Place - Induction or Deepener

Staircase to Relaxation and Open Mind

General Techniques

Future Visualization

OK Anchor

Fork in the Road


Stopping Smoking Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Bury the Habit

Smoking Affirmations

Smoking Suggestions

Choose and Customize the Right Intervention for Your Client

The Three Powers

Confidence Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Confidence Suggestions

Seeds of Change


Weight Loss Post Hypnotic Suggestions

New Phase of Life

Healthy Body

Freedom from Sweets

Flowing with Hunger

Small Portions of Food


Three Emerging Techniques

Counting Up

Permissive Awakening

Stronger with Each Breath