Online Triple Certificate Course in Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss and Confidence Building

In this video course you can mix and match the techniques and interventions to create your own custom Stopping Smoking, Weight Loss and Confidence Building hypnotherapy sessions.

Inductions and Deepening Techniques

Pick an induction and a deepening technique.  You have six to choose from below.  Inductions and deepening techniques are mostly interchangeable.

General Techniques

These are the kind of techniques you'll tend to use with every client.

Choose and Customize the Right Intervention for Your Client

Are you going to use a big intervention?  If so you might want to use ONE of the following. Do not use more than one in any single session.

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Now your client has turned their attention inwards it's time to reprogram their subconscious mind with suggestions you want them to act upon - post or after hypnosis.  Therefore, these suggestions are called Post Hypnotic Suggestions.

Stopping Smoking Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Confidence Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Weight Loss Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Three Emerging Techniques

It's time to re-orientate your client back to everyday awareness and every day suggestibility.  Find an emerging technique YOU like and YOU feel would benefit your clients the most and stick to that. One is all you need.


By completing this online course you have earned the Certificate below.  However, the real learning comes by actually working with a client and completing a Case Study - it is only then that you'll feel you have EARNED your Certificate.