Do you know how to get Hypno Healing clients?

This short online course will show you exactly how to get your first 10 Hypno Healing clients and earn €2,500

The Problem

You’re thinking of learning Hypno Healing and building a great portfolio of clients services, but do you know exactly how to get great clients?

If don’t know how to get great clients you’ll never release the true value of your investment in Hypno Healing and you’ll never get the opportunity to help as many clients as you’d like.


The Offer

Before you even think about signing up for the Hypno Healing course, I’d like to teach you exactly how to get 10 paying clients enrolled into a Hypno Healing package with you.

A typical Hypno Healing package will cost your clients €250 and it will deliver amazing value to your clients. But there is a system you need to learn so that you can consistently keep new clients coming into your Hypno Healing practice.

Sign up for the Get Great Clients online course for just €47 and...

I’ll walk you through the exact steps you need to take to get those first ten clients so you can instantly earn €2,500 from your Hypno Healing skills.

The Results from the Get Great Clients system

Each Hypno Healing client will be worth €250 to you.
You will spend 3 hours working with each client.

On the Get Great Clients course you will learn exactly how to...

Get your first ten clients and earn €2,500 for 30 hours work.  That is the equivalent of a month’s pay for less than one week’s work.

Plus I’ll also show you how you can deliver amazing value to each client so that each client will recommend you to others.

I will also share with you the exact system I use to turn each new client into an additional 3 clients.  This means that each client you get will be worth an additional €750 of income for you.

With your first 10 clients each referring 3 clients to you, you will have a simple but effective strategy to earn an additional €7,500 income.

The Get Great Clients system will show you how to earn €2,500 as a Hypno Healer and how to earn an additional €7,500 easily without having to pay for expensive advertising.


A Waiting List of People Eager to Work with You

At this rate you will have a waiting list and you’ll know exactly how much income you have coming in for the next month.

You will have more time to spend delivering results to your clients and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you can get your message of healing out to hundreds

What could you do with that additional income?


The Edge

This strategy behind Get More Clients will give you a massive competitive edge.  It will help you explosively launch a great Hypno Healing practice.  Plus you will be up and running and making an income even before your course is finished.


Easy Implementation

Not only will I teach you a foolproof strategy to grow your Hypno Healing practice but I will also make it really easy for you to implement.

I'll give you swipe files with all the text of what to say in all your promotional materials, poster, brochures, letters, appointment confirmation and referral requests.

I'll show you how to make stunning looking promotional materials in minutes without spending a penny on expensive designers.

I'll give you all the wording for a Press Release for local radio, local TV, newspapers and magazines.

I’ll show you exactly what to say so you get noticed and respected as an authority in Hypno Healing.


Peace of Mind

By learning how to Get Great Clients you will get the peace of mind to know the investment you make in learning Hypno Healing will deliver great results.  You will get an opportunity to be the best therapist you can be, have the best without financial worry and give your best to your clients.

Plus if you do decide to  sign up for the Hypno Healing course you will be 100% engaged because you’ll know that you will have a successful Hypno Healing practice up and running the same time the course finishes.


The Investment

This high-end business growth course usually costs €499 but you can have it for just €49. However, the offer only lasts for 24 hours. Because the Get Great Clients online course starts this Wednesday at 8pm.  At that time you will have full access to all the video tutorials, swipe files and transcripts.

At the end of this short online course, you will be walking away with an entire business system so that you can get great clients, make a massive impact and make a massive income.


Your Success Matters

I want you to be the best, I want you to have the best and I want you to give your best to your clients.  You can't be the best and give the best if you don't have the best.  Your financial security and your business peace of mind matters to me.

I have seen too many therapist and coaches fail to release the true value from their amazing skill-sets because they don't understand marketing. I felt so passionate about helping the therapists and coaches I work with, that I took a sabbatical and went back to University to obtain a Masters in Marketing.

I am now the Business Growth Strategist for the Health and Wellness sector. This was not something I wanted to do.  It was something I had to do for the people I care about most -  the therapists, coaches and healers I work with.

I want to deliver an Ultimate Result to every coach, therapist and healer I work with.

Someone wise once said to me Wallace...

You can't light up the world if you can't afford to pay your electricity bill!

So before you buy any courses or take any more training, it is important that you have a system that will show you how to get great clients and keep them coming back for more!

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If you don’t find this system effective, simply request a refund and your fee of €49 will be returned to you.  No questions asked.  If it doesn’t work for you I don’t deserve your money.


Double Bonus Guarantee

But if you take this course, implement the strategies and share you success to unlock another bonus. Get in touch with me any time within the next 12 months and explain to me how it is working for you. To reward you for your success, I will showcase your business on Social Media, promote your business with my own lists of subscribers, and create a full page feature on your business on the website.  The feature page will be optimised to put your business in front of local people in your area.

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VIP Bonus

Sign up for the Get Great Clients and attend the full Hypno Healing course and unlock an additional VIP bonus.  Join my VIP group for one day of FREE training in how to successfully launch and grow your Hypno Healing practice.  This one day course will be offered to all other participants for €470 but you get to attend for FREE!

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Susan I can hardly keep up with all the enquiries. I already have had another two virtual sessions on Skype... and now suddenly my practice has turned around! I now need an admin girl to help with the appointments and emails. It's unbelievable!

Dr Annette Kenwright
Dr Annette Kenwright Hypno Heal, South Africa

Susan Wallace is a specialist at making the crowded online world of advice and 'should' instructions pale into insignificance in the face of clear, actionable and easily achieved steps to access your ideal clients in a timely, cost effective way.

Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Ambition Hypnosis

The diploma course has been totally life changing. It's opened my mind to so many new things, concepts, ideas and theories. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be a confident and competent therapist and coach.

Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart
Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart Rockabill Coaching

As a psychotherapist I was looking for additional training that would complement my practice. The standard and professionalism of Susan was excellent. I was delighted with the hands on approach from day one. I would highly recommend Susan's courses. They do exactly what it says - 'a complete package'.

Liam Cannon
Liam Cannon New Dawn Counselling

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