Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts and Recordings

Introduction to Explaining Past Lives

There are two ways to experience past lives and how we experience material from the subconscious mind depends on our psychological make up and the resourcefulness of our subconscious mind.   One way is not necessarily better than the other, it depends on your unique creative mind which way it can piece together information from your subconscious mind…

  • Witnessing – feels like remembering with being immersed in the memory, from the perspective of an observer.
  • Experiencing – feels like being there and seeing it from the first person perspective

Here below is a simple way to explain it to clients.


Many people experience past life recall in many different ways.  For some people it feels as though they are dreaming.  For others it feels as though they are watching a film, listening to a story or reading a book.  For others it feels as though they have captured a moment in time similar to looking at a photograph.  Some people even experience it as though they are right there in the moment as real and as vivid as a dream.

No matter how you experience this session, it is important that you understand that your unconscious mind will present to you what if feels is relevant for this moment in time.  Right here and right now.  But no matter what you experience it is equally important that you realise that it will only have the same impact upon you as a dream has upon waking in the morning.  Impressions may last or be fleeting depending upon your own psychological make up my job will be to help you find therapeutic benefit from the experience.