Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression Scripts and Recordings

Introduction to Arm Drop To Significant Scene

We use an arm drop technique to help clients move between significant scenes or to go to the passing of life scene.  Otherwise we don't ever touch a client during a past life regression or future life progression.

The only time to touch your client is to help them visit another significant scene or to take them to the last few moments of that life.


As I take you by the wrist and let me take the weight of your arm as you allow yourself to relax more deeply than every before.

In a moment I’ll count from three to one and on the number one you…


  • Can drop to the time the symptoms first originated
  • Can drop into a scene when you felt [emotion]
  • Can drop into the first scene when the issues around (why) first came up
  • Can drop to the last few moments just before you left this life
  • Can drop to the first few moments after the passing of this lifetime

As I reach over now, I’m about to take you by the wrist don’t do anything to help or hinder me, just let me do my work…

And as with each turn of your wrist you’ll drift deeper and deeper into relaxation, by the time I say the number one your mind will be completely relaxed and you’ll be drop into a scene that feels as real as the hand on your lap.

3 – drifting through the corridors of time

2 -  significant scene is coming to the forefront of your mind

1 – be there now…