Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy

Transfer Your Skills into the Online Space

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This course starts immediately and runs for seven days.

On day seven, you will obtain a Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy. There is no exam to take.

By taking this course you will learn a system to deliver coaching and therapy to clients online.

Here's what we'll cover:

Day 1: Our Results Focused Coaching and Therapy Framework

There are five different kinds of Coaching and Therapy you can offer online.  You will learn all five but you will be encouraged to focus on one particular style so that you can develop a level of expertise.  You will communicate your style to the world through your marketing message and your own personal brand.

Day 2: How to Structure Your Coaching and Therapy Calls

You’ll learn how to structure that crucial first session and all ongoing Coaching and Therapy Calls.  Because the structure remains the same regardless of the problems your clients present, you’ll be able to concentrate your energy on giving great value and getting measurable results without becoming stressed or overwhelmed.

Day 3: Accountability Coaching

In this lesson you’ll learn the step-by-step process to get your clients to do anything – even if they don’t want to!  More often than not, your clients will have to come out of their comfort zone if they want to reach their goals – so accountability coaching is essential to your success as an online coach. This lesson will ensure your clients always get great results from working with you.  Happy clients will invest in your Premium Coaching Packages and will confidently refer other clients to you.

Day 4: Ultimate Breakthrough Experience

This lesson will show you how to become known as the coach and therapist who gets results.  You’ll learn a thirty minute process to create powerful changes in important areas such as relationships with the self and others, finances, health, happiness and social connections.

Day 5:  Getting Endless Inquiries from the Internet

You'll learn how to get new enquiries by creating a free digital gift.  I’ll share with you the specific process that  the top 5% of coaches and therapists use.  You'll have the optin to do it yourself if you are creative or be able to give clear instructions to your web designer.  Most coaches and therapists never get the opportunity to learn this crucial step in developing a long-term, financially successful coaching and therapy business.

Day 6:  Enrollment: Getting Long Term Committed Clients into Premium Coaching Packages

The key to success is converting enquiries into clients. This lesson teaches you the specific coaching process that will turn lukewarm, semi-interested people into highly committed clients who are happy to pay for your premium coaching and therapy packages.

Day 7: Celebrate Your Success! and Welcome Prosperity Into Your Life!

Today you get rewarded with you Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy.

We will celebrate your success by a using a powerful coaching process to help you welcome prosperity and abundance into your new online coaching and therapy practice.

Course Content

You’ll receive a new video lesson every day for seven days.

Plus you'll get an mp3 (voice recording) of the lesson so you can learn while you're out walking, running or traveling.

You'll even get the written transcript so you won’t have to take notes. 

Every day you'll also receive a coaching insights worksheet. This will help you stay focused on sharing your skills with the world.

Course Delivery

A new lesson will be delivered to your inbox every day for seven days. If you can't take the lesson immediately, you'll be able to access everything for a full year.


When you complete the course you will instantly earn a Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy.

You will also get the following bonuses:

BONUS #1:  Q&A Session
All of the questions you forgot to ask will be answered in detail with nothing held back!

BONUS #2:  Complementary Coaching Session with Susan
To celebrate your success, you are invited to join Susan for your own online Coaching Session where we will work on whatever you want so that you get the RESULT you want.

BONUS #3:  Surprise Gift!
It’s a surprise so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Here's a snapshot of an additional bonus you'll also get - a members' library filled with short, focused interventions you can deliver online!

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Who Is Susan Wallace?

Susan Wallace is a teaching therapist and Principal of Results Academy and Hypnotherapy Business Academy.  She is also the UK's Best Known Therapy Business Coach.

Susan has one simple mission - to help coaches, therapists and healers to be the best, have the best and give their best to their clients.

Susan is considered one of the best online coaches and therapists in the health and wellness sector. She combines actionable business coaching with live therapy demonstrations to help therapists overcome their doubts and fears about taking their career to the next level.

You Have Nothing To Lose With My Personal Guarantee

If you don’t get 100% clear on how to deliver coaching and therapy to your online clients, I’ll happily refund your fees in full. Simply get in touch within thirty days of completing the course.

Read What Some of Our Amazing Graduates Have to Say

Susan I can hardly keep up with all the enquiries. I already have had another two virtual sessions on Skype... and now suddenly my practice has turned around! I now need an admin girl to help with the appointments and emails. It's unbelievable!

Dr Annette Kenwright
Dr Annette Kenwright Hypno Heal, South Africa

Susan Wallace is a specialist at making the crowded online world of advice and 'should' instructions pale into insignificance in the face of clear, actionable and easily achieved steps to access your ideal clients in a timely, cost effective way.

Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Ambition Hypnosis

The diploma course has been totally life changing. It's opened my mind to so many new things, concepts, ideas and theories. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be a confident and competent therapist and coach.

Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart
Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart Rockabill Coaching

As a psychotherapist I was looking for additional training that would complement my practice. The standard and professionalism of Susan was excellent. I was delighted with the hands on approach from day one. I would highly recommend Susan's courses. They do exactly what it says - 'a complete package'.

Liam Cannon
Liam Cannon New Dawn Counselling