Hypnotherapy Training in Limerick

University of Limerick with text Hypnotherapy Training in LimerickHypnotherapy Training in Limerick

Hypnotherapy Training in Limerick at the University of Limerick.  Download the free MasterClass to get started today.  Courses run by Susan Wallace and Hypnosis Academy. The facilities at University of Limerick are fantastic. With great classrooms and easy parking.

Hypnotherapy Training in Limerick with Susan Wallace

What makes our hypnotherapy training different is that we teach the 10 Tools Used by Talented Therapists. These are the 10 Tools that are used by the best therapists in the world. Having such an amazing toolkit means that there are very few client issues that you can solve. You can start learning the 10 Tools Used by Talented Therapists right now.  Simply download the free Master Class by clicking on the button below.

10 Tools Master Class


Hypnotherapy Training in Limerick >> Affordable Diploma Course

Undertaking hypnotherapy training in Limerick has never been simpler or more affordable. This year we have introduced some major changes to the structure of the Ultimate Results Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy. You can now earn a Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy for €750. Our pay as you go structure makes it very affordable to get great hypnotherapy training in Limerick.

Hypnotherapy Training in Limerick >> Download the 10 Tools Used by Talented Therapists Master Class

If you want to learning hypnotherapy right now you can download the free Master Class on the 10 Tools Used by Talented Therapists.  The link to the Master Class will be sent to your email and you can watch at your leisure.

The 10 Tools you will start learning are:

Tool 1:  Access the Control Centre of the Mind
Tool 2:  Ask Revealing Questions
Tool 3:  Unlock Personal Power with the Master Keys
Tool 4:  Transform Fear and Anxiety
Tool 5:  Reframe the Past with Regression Therapy
Tool 6:  Restructure Thinking and End Self Sabotage
Tool 7:  Develop Positive Patterns of Action with NLP
Tool 8:  Manage Willpower and Surf the Urge to Prevent Relapse
Tool 9:  Buffer against Depression with Positive Psychology
Tool 10: Manifest Abundance and Prosperity in your Life

10 Tools Master Class