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Are you confused with all the choices and all the schools? Picking the right kind of hypnotherapy training school in Dublin can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what you want.

Hypnotherapy Training in Dublin – Key Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Do you want to learn hypnotherapy so you can start a successful hypnotherapy practice?
  • Do you want to help as many clients as you can?
  • Do you want to deliver results consistently?
  • Do you want a set of skills that will stand the test of time?
  • Do you want to be fully accredited and work to the highest standard?
  • Do you want to watch demonstrations as well as practice techniques?
  • Do you want supervision and support to help you with your case load?
  • Do you want supervision and support to help you iron out any personal issues or unconscious blocks that might stop you from being the best therapist you could be?

If the answer is yes to even just three of the questions above, then think carefully before paying a deposit on any course.  There is a checklist of items that the school you are thinking of should tick before you invest your time, money and energy into Hypnotherapy Training in Dublin.

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Does one tutor complete the full journey with you?

Recently a number of new schools have launched with multiple tutors.  Although this may seem beneficial at first glance, multiple tutors can seriously disrupt the learning flow.  Continuity between modules can be lost.  Hypnotherapy Training in London with multiple tutors won’t give you the opportunity to work on your own personal strengths and weaknesses.  Also, some tutors in multiple tutor schools are just hypnotherapists.  Although they may be great hypnotherapists, a hypnotherapy training tutor needs to qualify as a hypnotherapy trainer who can deliver training to adults in education.

There are many benefits to having just one hypnotherapy tutor if you decide to pursue hypnotherapy training in Dublin. Having one tutor through the whole journey means that he or she will get to know you, understand your strengths and help you overcome any weaknesses you may feel you have.  Plus because one tutor will get to know you, this means that a lot of the indirect or conversational hypnosis that happens between lectures can be geared towards helping you grow.

If there is just one principal in the school, you can be certain that they have learned how to deliver training to adults as part of their skill-set. A good hypnotherapy trainer will also be a qualified trainer or an educational entrepreneur.  The only way to find that out is to ask.  This leads directly to the next point on the checklist.

Can you speak directly to the class tutor?

A general rule of thumb is that if you can’t speak to the class tutor before you book a place on a diploma or hypnotherapy training in Dublin then you won’t find it easy to speak to the principal during training or after training.  Without the personal connection between you and your tutor, you are unlikely to get the best from any course.  A good hypnotherapy tutor will get to know you before you start any course. They will discover what you want to get from the course and they will offer to provide support to ensure the course to meet your specific goals. Additionally, they should point you in the way of additional resources that can help you achieve your own personal objectives.

Can you start learning with this school before signing up for a paid diploma course?

If you are looking for hypnotherapy training in Dublin then you will be aware that there are a lot of different schools.  To help you choose the right one you should find those schools that give you access to free courses before you book.

All well-educated and well-established school principal will offer you some free courses so you can sample the teaching style and approach of the school principle.

Is the school full accredited?

Any school that is fully accredited should carry the logos of the organisations and the associations they are affiliated with at the bottom of course description pages.

Can the tutor teach you how to run a successful practice?

Just because a tutor is successful in their own private practice does not mean that they are qualified to teach you how to get great clients or how to run a successful therapy practice.  Very few schools teach their students how to run a successful therapy practice or how to get great clients. The reason for this is because many school principals aren’t qualified to teach marketing and business growth principles.  Therefore be careful that if any school you are thinking of investing with is teaching you how to get great clients that they are in fact qualified to teach marketing and business growth strategies.



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