Hypnotherapy Register and Standards Council of Ireland

Connecting Clients with Professional Hypnotherapists and Supporting National Standards of Training, Supervision, CPD and Client Work for Hypnotherapists by Hypnotherapists

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*This is a non statutory register developed and run by professional hypnotherapists in Ireland who have reached the accepted standards of training required to practice professional hypnotherapy, and/or provide CPD and training to other health care professionals in Ireland and the UK.

Join our growing register of professional hypnotherapists all over Ireland, bringing a wealth of experience to help their clients achieve their goals...

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Members welcome from all training schools and professional associations

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  • Quality Assurance Logo To Highlight Your Expertise and Membership

    Members can use the quality assurance logo on their website, social media channels and stationery to display their level of expertise.

  • Individual Listings To Highlight Your Professional Practice

    Each member is offered an individual listing page to showcase their work. The page will be optimised to rank highly in Google to help your hypnotherapy practice become more visible.

  • Support with Your Marketing and Therapy Practice Promotions

    Our team of experts and liaison officer will help you with your marketing and business development of your practice.

  • Optional Supervision with our Professional Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy Supervisors

    Optional supervision provided by our two psychotherapy and hypnotherapy supervisors who are also members of IACP and practice clinical hypnotherapy, this will help you manage a growing case load or integrate or add hypnotherapy to the work you are currently doing with clients.

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