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Happy woman and child with text Hypnotherapy Courses in DublinHypnotherapy Courses in Dublin

Hypnotherapy Courses in Dublin for people who want to start a successful therapy practice. Download the free Essentials now.

This is a short video course that will teach you how to deliver your very first session of clinical hypnotherapy.  You will get ten mini-lessons approximately 3 minutes each sent to your inbox. This video course is essential if you are thinking of taking hypnotherapy courses in Dublin. It will help boost your confidence and give you the basic skills you need to feel comfortable and relaxed learning hypnotherapy.

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Hypnotherapy Courses in Dublin >> Checklist of Best Practice

There are so many different hypnotherapy courses run by different schools and individuals. Therefore it's very important that you pick a school where the following are delivered as standard.

Hypnotherapy training to diploma level must be a minimum of 120 hours of live classroom interaction. Anything below this standard does not constitute 'diploma' level. Therefore you won't be adequately covered by public liability and professional indemnity insurance even if you are insured.

Hypnotherapy trainers need to be more than just great hypnotherapists. They also need to be trained educators that are capable of delivering an adult education curriculum to the highest standards and can work with a wide variety of learners. Your tutor needs to be able to draw the best out of you so that you can get the best out of the course and out of your self.

The hypnotherapy curriculum should be up-to-date and should not rely on old stage hypnosis techniques or outdated psychology. For example, glove anesthesia to manage pain has been rejected as a valid intervention. This technique was proven to be clinically ineffective in the 1970's. There are far more effective and evidenced based pain control techniques available to the modern, progressive hypnotherapist.

The delivery method for diploma level courses should be blended learning.  This includes evidence-based theory, coupled with the live demonstration of techniques that are matched to suit the needs of students in the group.  Ample time should be given to allow students to practice techniques. Guidance and supervision should be given to students to ensure they can proper develop their skills.

Post diploma Continued Professional Development and access to on-going supervision is essential.  Both of these options should be provided by all schools and made available to all graduates. As graduates begin to build a successful practice they often end up with a heavy case load.  Having properly qualified supervisors to support them during their practice development is essential to their long term growth and professional development.

But before you make any decisions on which hypnotherapy course to choose.  Why not download the free Essentials of Hypnotherapy and start building your confidence and skill-set today.

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