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Hypnotherapy Courses in Galway are great with Hypnosis Academy! Download the free Hypnotherapy Essentials Course today. This is the essential free course to order if you are thinking of training to be a professional hypnotherapist.  Susan Wallace, Principal of Hypnotherapy Business Academy and Results Academy will show you exactly how to conduct your first session of hypnotherapy on a new client.  You will learn the exact process to deliver great results to new clients.

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Hypnotherapy Courses in Galway >> Course Dates and Venue

Our next round of hypnotherapy courses in Galway will be held at NUI in Galway.  You can join the Ultimate Results Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy in September 2017.  The course is run over weekends and you can obtain a diploma for as little as €750. We have some great early bird discounts to help you get the best from the course.

Hypnotherapy Courses in Galway >> Meet Susan Wallace, Principal

Susan Wallace teaches the Ultimate Results Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy. Because you will have just one tutor for the whole course this means that Susan will have the opportunity to get to know you and help you develop your key strengths. Susan will invite you to bring a personal problem or an issue to the course so that you can gain first hand experience of how effective hypnotherapy can be with real problems.  It is advisable that before you book any course, to call the Principal and speak to him or her direct. If you are going to invest in learning hypnotherapy it is essential you have a good connection with your tutor.  They should be available to help you and should work to bring out the best in you.  If you want to speak to Susan Wallace, you can book a free clarity call. This isn't a sales call but a high-value consultation session to help you get clarity on what you want from hypnotherapy or hypnotherapy training.

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