The Hypnosis Course to Help You Get Great Clients

Hypnosis Course in Dublin, Limerick and GalwayThe Hypnosis Course to Help You Get Great Clients

Did you know that taking a hypnosis course is only part of the skill-set you need to be a great therapist and a successful one? You also need to know how to get great clients.

Two years ago, I took a sabbatical and went back to University to get a Master of Science in Digital Marketing.  As a professional therapist and teacher of the most successful hypnosis course in Ireland, I didn’t want to do this.  I had to do it. Because the people I care about most – coaches, therapists and healers – often struggle to release the financial value from their therapy skills and I wanted to do something to help them.  After all, if they were going to learn how to become professional hypnotherapists with me, then I felt I was duty bound to also teach them how to get great clients.

Unique Hypnosis Course

No other hypnosis course or hypnotherapy training school was teaching therapists how to get great clients and the reason for this was because most training schools weren’t qualified to teach marketing.  So that’s why I went back to school.  I was frustrated to see so many amazing therapists with fantastic skills unable to make a comfortable income when they should be rewarded for the great service they offer.

So, I used what I learned on the MSc and I created an online programme called Get Great Clients.  In eight easy to master lessons, I’ll show you how to enrol ten people into a coaching, therapy or healing package worth a minimum of €250.  This means that you will have the exact system to bring €2,500 worth of new clients into your practice consistently.  If you’d like to know more, you can sign-up for the free Master Class by visiting

From Hypnosis Course to Recurring Income Master Mind

But it didn’t stop there, once my therapists stabilized their therapy practice, I was asked to create a Master Mind programme to show them how to generate a recurring income online.  They realized that they could turn some of their services into online courses. I’ve had hundreds of therapists tell me that they are sick and tired of feeling insecure about their future.  They told me “all I want from my therapy practice is to take a paid sick day or a paid holiday and still be able to take care of my clients while I’m away”.

Anyway, the reason I’m telling you this is because I’m just planning a seed, a thought in your mind, that you deserve the best because you GIVE the best to your clients and you have far more resources that you might give yourself credit for.  I want you to understand that when you take a hypnosis course or a counselling course or a psychotherapy course or any other course for that matter, you also need to learn how to get great clients.  The best person to teach you that skill-set is someone who is an expert in that area and not some marketing guru you see on Facebook. Keep it real.  Keep it local. Keep it therapeutic!