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Break Free from the Spells of Childhood Conditioning

Heal Your Past, Present and Future Life

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A Primer for Therapists, Holistic Healers, Counsellors, Reiki Practitioners and Hypnotherapists...

Who want to help their clients break free from the spells of childhood conditioning, unhelpful behaviours and sabotaging thoughts.  Discover how to use a form of Contemplative Hypnosis to access the Three Healing Fields and offer three sessions of life changing Hypno Healing.
You'll learn how to:

  • 1

    Access the Hurt Field of Early Life Programming

    Discover the four Universal Hurts of Betrayal, Abandonment, Guilt and Shame. Release the hurt and move on.

  • 2

    Work at the Edge of the Belief Horizon

    Learn bio-cognition strategies to develop a supportive new belief system.

  • 3

    Access the Hope Field and Let Go of the Constructed Self and Meet Your True Self

    Acknowledge your self worth, witness your true self and embrace your true past, present and future life.

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Heal your Past, Present and Future Life with Hypno Healing. Free eBook.
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