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  • 1

    Understanding Suggestibility

    Discover how to recognise the signs of hypnosis. Learn about the different depth levels that can be attained through hypnotic suggestion. Discover how the brain processes suggestions and what happens to suggestions when they enter the mind.

  • 2

    Amplifying Suggestibility

    Everyone can be hypnotized and we are all open to suggestion but a hypnotherapist deliberately increases suggestibility to access the control center of the mind so new ideas can become new habits.

  • 3

    Master Hypnotic Inductions

    Learn some highly effective and easy to master hypnotic inductions. You’ll be able to access the control centre of the mind and hypnotise over 98% of the population with these key skills.

  • 4

    Unwrap the Mystery Behind Rapid Induction Techniques

    Although rapid induction techniques have been hijacked by stage hypnotists, they firmly belong in a clinical setting where they are often used in medical emergencies and sports performance where a quick response is essential.

  • 5

    Stages in a Hypnotherapy Session  

    You’ll learn the various parts of a typical hypnotherapy session as used by professional clinical hypnotherapists. You’ll learn how each part will git together to help your clients achieve their goals.

  • 6

    Integrating Hypnotherapy into Counselling and Hypnotherapy

    Hear from counsellors and psychotherapists who have successfully added hypnotherapy to the work they already do and learn how hypnotherapy can support and expand your existing therapy practice.

  • 7

    Stating a Therapy Business From Scratch

    Discover the essential skills you need to build a successful part-time or full-time therapy practice and how to avoid the massive mistakes most therapists make that can cost them thousands in lost revenue and lost opportunities.

  • 8

    Our Solutions Focused Framework

    Understand why people struggle to change and maintain their changes and learn how hypnotherapy can create long term results. You’ll also learn the massive difference between band aid therapy and results focused hypnotherapy.

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