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Counselling courses are great but learning hypnotherapy before you take up counselling has many advantages and will boost your career. In this short article, you will learn ten compelling reasons why to study hypnotherapy first.
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Counselling Courses >> 10 Reasons to Learn Hypnotherapy First

  1. Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based psychotherapy that is results and action driven. This means that when the talking is done, you will have a set of highly effective interventions to help you encourage your clients to take appropriate action.
  2. Hypnotherapy is the original positive psychology. It helps our clients recognise their strengths and resources and has techniques to ‘import’ resources for one domain into another to help our clients break free from limiting beliefs and behaviours.
  3. Hypnotherapy courses are often shorter in duration that counselling courses. Therefore you can assemble a portfolio of clients services quickly and easily and start working with clients before you get your counselling degree.
  4. Hypnotherapy courses are cheaper than counselling courses. Therefore you can afford to invest in a great set of skills and turn those skills into an income to support you while you are learning counselling.  Not having any financial worries when you are deeply engaged in learning is a great comfort and provides an added level of security to many students.
  5. Hypnotherapy will help build your confidence, improve your memory and boost your recall.  Therefore when you are studying counselling you will feel more confident that you will get the great grades you want!
  6. Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy.  It aims to deliver specific goals within a specific time frame. When you train to be a hypnotherapist you learn how to find the one thing that will make a big difference to the client sitting in front of you. This builds expectation, belief, and deep rapport quickly. This means that clients are highly motivated to return for subsequent sessions and there are low drop-out rates as a result.
  7. Because hypnotherapy works within a brief strategic framework you quickly learn to ‘think outside the box’.  You learn key strategies to avoid becoming overwhelmed by the sheer depth of a problem and instead learn how to focus on making a difference today.
  8. Most people who study to be hypnotherapists and counsellors have their own personal stuff to work through.  Hypnotherapy will help overcome the issues in your past. Reframing will help you to recognise that you are not an unfortunate victim but an ingenious survivor who has a lot more resources than you currently use.  This positive and growth based mindset is a great trait to underpin your personal development when you start doing deep work on yourself.
  9. Hypnotherapy gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. Deep regression techniques mean that when our clients are over-burdened by their past, we can roll our sleeves up and help them to resolve those issues both quickly and in a very client-centered way.  We minimise trauma and resolve painful issues without damaging well-functioning coping mechanisms.
  10. Learning hypnotherapy is life changing experience. Having your own personal transformation experience will open your eyes and help you to realise that we, ourselves included, can all move on and become the best that we can be, unencumbered by the burden of our past.
  11. One more for good luck!  You also have supervisory sessions by IACP supervisors who are also professional hypnotherapists to help you manage your hypnotherapy case load while you are studying counselling.

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