Confident Therapist Profitable Practice Summit

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Focused Training, Therapy and Business Coaching to End Self Sabotage, Dissolve Fear, Build Confidence and Grow a Profitable Practice

This is in-depth business growth Summit specifically designed for coaches, therapists, counsellors, psychotherapists, hypnotherapists and healers who want to become a more Confident Therapist with a Profitable Practice.

You will enjoy ONE jam packed day, filled with focused business coaching, training and therapy to end self-sabotage, dissolve fear, build confidence and grow a profitable therapy practice.

This course has been developed because most therapists never learn the skills required to grow a successful practice. This Summit fills that knowledge gap.

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From the moment you arrive, you will enjoy live demonstrations, powerful client attraction metaphors and practical, actionable coaching exercises to build confidence and grow a profitable practice.

No selling is done from the stage. This training is provided by Susan Wallace, who is a teaching therapist with an MSc in Digital Marketing and a Post Graduate Certificate in Innovation, New Product and New Service Development. The Confident Therapist Profitable Practice Summit is focused on giving great value for one day of highly relevant and intensive training for coaches, therapists and healers.

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#1: Finding Your Unique Voice
In this process, you will learn how to get a ‘Wow!’ followed by a ‘How Do You Do That?’ response from people when you describe your services. Your description will be both memorable and a great conversation opener that will effortlessly guide people towards your services.

#2: Crafting Your Heartfelt Message of Inspiration
This amazing metaphor will transform how you communicate with potential clients. You will be able to connect more authentically than ever before. You will become the first choice because you energise and inspire people to take action and become their best self.

#3: Turn a Free Consultation into a High-Value Discovery Session
You will learn how to enrol new clients without ever having to sell yourself or step out of your comfort zone again. This onboarding process will ensure you have fully committed clients ready to give you 100%.

#4: Tap into your Superpower
Every therapist has a Superpower. This is the special skill that is often hidden below awareness, but in this lesson, we will draw it out. Your Superpower is often forged in the fire of your life experience, your journey and your passion as a therapist.

#5: Discover Your Power Niche
This process will help you become clear on how to define and develop your superpower and turn it into your signature service. Plus, you will learn how to easily and effortlessly grow multiple income streams from your superpower.

#6: Create a Client Journey Your Ideal Clients Will Love
This process will show you how to turn visitors online or at a workshop into highly-motivated clients who refer lots of new clients to you and who speak highly of the work that you do.

#7: Understand How Digital Marketing is Disrupting Therapy
Learn how the new (digital) generation are disrupting the therapy model and how our industry is undergoing a massive shift. You’ll also learn exactly what you can do to stay ahead of the changes.

#8: Learn how to Release the True Value Hidden in your Skills
It’s easy to create simple online products and courses for your clients. You will quickly become even more client-centred by being there with extra online resources when they need them most.

#9: Strategically Pricing Your Therapy Skills
Most therapists struggle to ask for a fair price. You will learn how to price your services strategically so that you can deliver even more value and get better results – without increasing your hours (and without being out of pocket).

#10: Getting Referrals, Introductions and Testimonials
Discover how to harness the psychology of change-work to get great referrals. Every new client will become a source of endless referrals, testimonials and introductions.


At the Confident Therapist Profitable Practice Summit, you will enjoy tea, coffee, lunch and snacks throughout the day. You will be given a comprehensive course manual, plus infographics, worksheets and mindmaps to help you develop a crystal clear vision for your practice.

You will leave the Summit with the skill-set you need to become a more confident therapist with a more profitable practice. You’ll have mastered a series of processes that will be perfectly aligned with your high standards and code of ethics. You’ll know exactly how to attract a regular supply of your ideal clients into your therapy practice and how to release the true value hidden in your skill-set.

The training on this course is based on the business growth strategies used by the top 5% of coaches, therapists and healers such as Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Harv T Eker and the late Wayne Dwyer.


Susan Wallace is a teaching therapist and the UK’s #1 Therapy Business Coach. Susan has one simple mission – to help coaches, therapists and healers to be the best, have the best and give their best to their clients. She has a wealth of experience from working in the health and wellness industry. She helps individuals and therapy associations become financially free so that they can do their best work.

Susan is considered one of the best platform speakers in the health and wellness sector. She combines actionable business coaching with live therapy demonstrations to help her audience overcome their doubts and fears and build confidence in their ability to keep up with the trends and develop a sustainable, successful therapy practice. The Confident Therapist Profitable Practice Summit is her flagship educational Summit for therapists who want to take their careers to the next level.


There is one question that every coach, therapist and healer must be able to answer if they are to enjoy a long-term successful career. Watch the short video HERE.


Dublin and Wexford in Ireland and Birmingham, Manchester and London in the UK.
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The Confident Therapist Profitable Practice Summit is also available in-house for counselling, therapy and healing organisations and schools who want to ensure their members and students get the best start to their career. Please ask your association or school to contact


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