Hypnotherapy Career? How To Build a Successful One

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How to Build a Successful Hypnotherapy Career

I get a lot of requests from therapists, coaches, Reiki practitioners and even hypnotherapists who ask me how they can build a successful hypnotherapy career.  If you already have therapy skills or if you are about to book a hypnotherapy training course – here are some things you need to know.

#1: Accreditation and affiliation matters if you want to build a successful hypnotherapy career

For your long-term success, train with a school that meets the stringent UK standards.  You’ll want free student membership of the GHR. Then when you are qualified you’ll need full automatic membership of the GHR.  You’ll also need to train with a school that is recognised by the CNHC.  The CNHC is a database of all of the therapists that have been approved to work within the National Health Service in the UK.  Even if you are living in Ireland, being part of the CNHC adds considerable weight to your qualifications when you are looking for referrals from your local doctors and dentists.

But most importantly of all, being a member of the wider hypnotherapy community will support your clinical practice.   The GHR has an amazing support structure   Likewise, you will become part of a great community of like-minded professionals who are dedicated to improving the lives of their clients.

We handle all the administration for our students so that they are pre-approved to join both the GHR and the CNHC. Helping you in this way will ensure you become part of the international community.

#2: Learn a modern curriculum that is underpinned by cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology

Recent developments in the field of psychology have resulted in the older psycho-analytical model being rejected.  The rejection has come from both the academics and also from our clients. Our clients just don’t get value from the older model, they find it stuffy, slow moving and overly focused on problems rather than implementing solutions.

Therefore, it is essential you learn modern hypnotherapy and learn  a set of tools that will deliver results over the full-length of your  hypnotherapy career.

That said, there is still a place for regression hypnotherapy and taking a look at the role the past has played in our life. But regression hypnotherapy must be delivered in a client centered way.  So that it won’t damage the coping skills people develop over time.  It only takes one session of regression hypnotherapy to clear the emotional burden of the past. But you need to prepare your clients for the experience.  The sessions that follow are spent breaking down limiting beliefs and creating new empowering beliefs and implementing sustainable solutions.

#3:  Make sure your college offers you great CPD programmes, supervision and peer support

To build your hypnotherapy career you’ll need access to on-going support that is affordable and accessible.  Support and training shouldn’t end when you graduate with your Diploma in Hypnotherapy.  Training schools have a duty of care to graduates to keep them informed of new developments.

Nowadays, it is essential to train with a school that offers you additional and relevant content and refresher courses via webinars, free eBooks and free video courses. It’s not always possible to attend a live event, especially if you are busy with clients and enjoying a successful hypnotherapy career.

#4:  Learn how to create breakthrough experiences and how to deliver ultimate results

Regardless of what school you decide to train with, you need to be 100% certain that what you are doing with your client’s works. Anecdotal evidence from your hypnotherapy trainer isn’t enough.  You need to learn skills and techniques that have been proven to work through scientific studies and research.

There is a strategy for getting results. And even something as complex as helping your clients get a breakthrough experience can be learned.  We call it the Ultimate Results Formula, this is a step-by-step process that works with even the most complex problems.  Learn it and use it with every client.

#5: Build your hypnotherapy career on strong business foundations

The best way to do this is to start small, start lean (don’t over invest) and then scale and grow.  Take control of your own website, marketing and create online products.  You’ll need a source of mailbox money.  This is an income you can earn without having to show up and work with your clients.  Creating mailbox money is actually a lot easier than you think. Technology often scares coaches, therapists and healers – but the truth is – technology removes all the hassle from your life.  Everything we do here is evergreen (in other words it doesn’t become dated) and it is automated.  This means that we are generating new enquiries  and new clients even when we aren’t at work or when we are busy with our clients.

#6: Get savvy about what you actually want from your hypnotherapy career

Do you know how much you want to earn per month?  How many clients do you need to see to reach that goal?  Implement a business growth plan to achieve that and more.  Know who your ideal clients are?  Which clients would inspire you and bring out the best in you? We teach our students how to create a prosperity plan and how to develop a sound business model so they know where they are going in their hypnotherapy practice.  At the end of the day, coaches, therapists and healers deserve to have paid holidays and the occasionally paid self-day.  Check out some of our free webinars to learn more.

#7:  Use Educational Marketing to reach your clients and get a non-stop flow of new inquiries

This will enable you to reach your income goals, push past the glass ceiling on your beliefs and your income and help you reach your target marketing and fill your appointment diary. We have a range of educational marketing webinars if you are thinking of training to be a hypnotherapist.

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