Advanced Diploma in Online Coaching and Therapy with 101 Results Focused Interventions

Live Training in Roehampton University Campus with Susan Wallace

If you can take part of your coaching and therapy business online and learn how to earn a recurring income online then you'll have the financial security you need to do your best work.


Live training in Roehampton University Campus on Saturday and Sunday

3 and 4 March 2018 and
21 and 22 April 2018 and

19 and 20 May 2018 and
16 and 17 June 2018

You will learn 101 Interventions to help you successfully do the following...

  • 1

    Access and Update the Control Center of the Mind

    Getting into the right state of mind is essential if great therapy is to take place. Learn deep relaxation and mind focusing techniques to help your client access the control center of their mind – the subconscious. Here we can update bad habits and unwanted patterns of behavior.

  • 2

    Ask Revealing Questions

    The questions interventions will get to the heart of your clients issues quickly and in a way that creates important eureka moments as you both collaborate together to develop a deep understanding of the presenting problem. Progress moves much faster when you ask questions in a way that interests and engages your clients in the therapy process.

  • 3

    Unlock their Personal Power

    These interventions will remove the limiting beliefs and breakthrough negative attitudes that are stopping your clients from engaging fully in coaching, therapy and in life itself. These powerful interventions will work for the widest range of client challenges. You will always have a way to breakthrough even the toughest and most sensitive issues.

  • 4

    Breakthrough Fear and Anxiety

    You will learn the most effective ways to help your clients dissolve fear, phobias, stress or anxiety regardless of their age or the challenges they present. They will learn how to 'check-in' with their body, breathe and access a state of focused concentration. This means they will be able to breakthrough fear and achieve their goals with a sense of empowerment and control.

  • 5

    Reframe the Past

    You will learn how to examine the past and create closure quickly. The unfinished emotional business of the past will be finally put to rest. You’ll help your clients to realize that they are not helpless victims but ingenious survivors, with a wealth of resources to help them move forward in life.

  • 6

    Restructure Thinking and End Self Sabotage

    There is no such thing as failure – only feedback - and what we do with it. When things go wrong as they sometimes do, you’ll have lots of interventions to help your clients manage frustration, challenges and setback so that they don’t end up feeling like a failure or giving up on themselves or on the therapy process.

  • 7

    Develop Positive Patterns of Action

    These interventions will empower your clients so they can develop positive patterns of action and learn how to manage their own daily challenges. When your clients tell you they are struggling, you’ll be able to teach them techniques that will work time and time again. This means they will develop highly effective coping skills from you.

  • 8

    Manage Willpower and Surf the Urge to Prevent Relapse

    You will master a range of interventions to boost your clients willpower reserves and eliminate failure based thinking and self-sabotage. Plus you’ll teach your clients how to ‘surf the urge’ so they can manage cravings and prevent relapse into unhealthy, addictive behaviors.

  • 9

    Buffer against Depression with Positive Psychology

    Master ten interventions to ensure your clients are able to manage setbacks, build resilience and develop a growth based mindset. These are skills that will act as a buffer against depression. When times are tough your clients will be able to dig deep and find the energy they need to keep going when they just feel like giving up.

  • 10

    Manifest Abundance and Prosperity Empowerment

    Reward your clients for their engagement in therapy by teaching them how to tap into an abundance and growth based mindset. You’ll learn ten therapeutic ways to help your clients access prosperity based thinking and welcome abundance into their lives.


Weekend 1:  Advanced Online Coaching and Therapy Framework

BUILD rapport and an intimate setting online
WORK with limited non-verbal feedback
INCREASE positive expectancy before coaching starts
COMMUNICATE positive intention through the screen
DISSOLVE distractions and deepen focus online
WORK with traumatic memories safely online
MANAGE abreactions through witnessing
ACHIEVE specific results for each call
OBTAIN word of mouth referrals from each client
LEARN a self reflection process to constantly improve your performance as a coach

Above all…

DELIVER results focused coaching with our advanced online coaching framework

Weekend 2  101 Interventions for Coaches and Therapists part 1

Susan will demonstrate the interventions on you and your class mates so you get personal value from the course as well as learn how to use them to get specific results.

Weekend 3 101 Interventions for Coaches and Therapists part 2

Plenty of time is allocated for practice sessions under Susan's supervision to ensure you get your technique just right.

Weekend 4 Hands On Implementation

Together we will create your digital gift and link it to an automtated email service provider to get Endless Enquiries from the Internet and have it up and running fast using free technology.
If you are a technophobe – you will LOVE this weekend – because we will GET IT DONE ON THE DAY!

Plus Create Digital Products Master Class
You will learn how to release the financial value hidden in your life experience, coaching and therapy skills by creating coaching and therapy products to sell in-session or online.

We will celebrate your success with your graduation and promotion to the role of Online Coach and Therapist with a graduation event.

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If for any reason you’re not 100% happy with the live course content or if you think this course just isn’t for you.  Simply let Susan know at  lunchtime on the first day of training and your fees will be refunded in full.

Who Is Susan Wallace?

Susan Wallace is a teaching therapist and Principal of Results Academy and Hypnotherapy Business Academy.  She is also the UK's Best Known Therapy Business Coach.

Susan has one simple mission - to help coaches, therapists and healers to be the best, have the best and give their best to their clients.

Susan is considered one of the best online coaches and therapists in the health and wellness sector. She combines actionable business coaching with live therapy demonstrations to help therapists overcome their doubts and fears about taking their career to the next level.

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CPD Recognized Training by All Major UK and International Associations

Read What Some of Our Amazing Graduates Have To Say...

Susan I can hardly keep up with all the enquiries. I already have had another two virtual sessions on Skype... and now suddenly my practice has turned around! I now need an admin girl to help with the appointments and emails. It's unbelievable!

Dr Annette Kenwright
Dr Annette Kenwright Hypno Heal, South Africa

Susan Wallace is a specialist at making the crowded online world of advice and 'should' instructions pale into insignificance in the face of clear, actionable and easily achieved steps to access your ideal clients in a timely, cost effective way.

Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Ambition Hypnosis

The diploma course has been totally life changing. It's opened my mind to so many new things, concepts, ideas and theories. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be a confident and competent therapist and coach.

Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart
Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart Rockabill Coaching

As a psychotherapist I was looking for additional training that would complement my practice. The standard and professionalism of Susan was excellent. I was delighted with the hands on approach from day one. I would highly recommend Susan's courses. They do exactly what it says - 'a complete package'.

Liam Cannon
Liam Cannon New Dawn Counselling