Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy Course

Day 1: Our Results Focused Coaching and Therapy Framework

There are five different kinds of Coaching and Therapy you can offer online.  You will learn all five but today I will encourage you to focus on one or two particular styles.

The aim will be to become known for your own style of coaching and to and to communicate that to the world through your marketing message and your own personal brand.

    [op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%201" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/5s78ajsh7g5j0ls/Online%20Expert%20Day%201.pdf?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%201" icon="style1-Mp3-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/upugfs4lba1p8qu/Online%20Expert%20Day%201.mp3?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Online%20Informed%20Consent%20Form%20(Sample)" icon="style1-Doc-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/jbbadj471qfmdpi/Online%20Informed%20Consent%20Form.docx?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Privacy%20Notice%20(Sample)" icon="style1-Doc-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/uwq34nkrkcmnpcu/Privacy%20Notice.doc?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item]

Day 2: How to Structure your Coaching and Therapy Calls        

Today you’re going to learn how to structure the first session and all ongoing Coaching and Therapy Calls.

Because the structure always remains the same regardless of the problems your clients present, you’ll be able to concentrate your energy on giving great value and getting measurable results.

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Day 3: Accountability Coaching

In today’s lesson, you’ll learn the step-by-step process to get your clients to do anything – even if they don’t want to.  More often than not, your clients will have to come out of their comfort zone if they want to reach their goals – so accountability coaching is essential to your success as an online coach.

This lesson is key to ensuring your clients will always get great results from working with you.  This means they will be happy to invest in your Premium Coaching Packages and will confidently refer other clients to you.

    [op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%203" icon="style1-Mp3-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ky7evzj11j6v4p8/Online%20Expert%20Day%203.mp3?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%203" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/4zarpxr6vdhk2bj/Online%20Expert%20Day%203.pdf?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item]

Day 4: Ultimate Breakthrough Experience

This lesson will show you how to become known as the coach and therapist who changes people’s lives forever.  You’ll learn a thirty-minute process to create a powerful changes in important areas such as their relationships with themselves and others, finances, health, happiness and social connections.

    [op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%204" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/nea0vy3pbc4v0zj/Online%20Expert%20Day%204%20NEW.pdf?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%204" icon="style1-Mp3-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/uzne44j7ldifbda/Online%20Expert%20Day%204.mp3?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window=""][/op_file_download_item]

Day 5:  Getting an Endless Enquiries from the Internet

You will learn how to get new coaching clients without leaving your home or picking up the phone).  I’ll share with you the specific process that only the top 5% of coaches and therapists use.  Use it and it will bring you in an endless supply of enquiries.  Plus it’s a lot easier to implement than you might think!

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Day 6:  Enrollment: Getting Long Term Committed Clients into Premium Coaching Packages

Now you’ve got lots of enquiries you have to convert those enquiries into clients. This lesson teaches you the specific coaching process that will turn luke-warm, semi-interested people into highly committed clients who are only too happy to pay for your services.

    [op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%206" icon="style1-Pdf-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/f9128eqyb9fjvlq/Online%20Expert%20Day%206.pdf?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window="Y"][/op_file_download_item][op_file_download_item title="Online%20Expert%20Day%206" icon="style1-Mp3-64x64.png" file="https://www.dropbox.com/s/ophiok06pv7qgxx/Online%20Expert%20Day%206.mp3?dl=0" package="" level="" new_window=""][/op_file_download_item]

Day 7: Celebrate Your Success! and Welcome Prosperity Into Your Life!

It's time to download your Certificate in Online Coaching and Therapy

We will celebrate by using a highly sophisticated coaching process to welcome prosperity and abundance into your new coaching and therapy practice. This is the same process used by the top 5% of coaches, therapists and healers such as Tony Robbins, Wayne Dwyer, Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Louise Hay.

I've also got another bonus for you.  It's a Money Meditation bonus in the 101 Sample Interventions section of the members area.

I hope you enjoy it and get great value from it.

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