Tool 1. Access the Control Centre of the Mind

Tool 2. Ask Revealing Questions to Get To The Source of The Problem

Confidentiality, GDPR and Informed Consent Guidelines for Hypnotherapists and Mind Coaches

Hypnotherapy has been proven highly effective for the treatment of a wide range of medical issues.  However, unless you are medically qualified, you can only work with the SYMPTOMS of medical issues. This does not limit you in any way - a medical diagnosis is based on a range of symptoms.  Working with the symptoms only protects you from medical negligence or working outside of the scope of your training.

You don't have to read this.  But it's here if you want it.

Tool 3. Unlock Your Personal Power With the Three Master Keys

These highly flexible interventions help erase deeply entrenched beliefs and attitudes that might otherwise stop your clients from getting the best from their hypnotherapy experience.

To use the Cloud Technique, you'll need to know the thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are keeping your client stuck in a vicious cycle of symptoms.

To use the Direct Drive you'll need a powerful positive statement to harness the positive energy of your client.

To use the Mirror Technique, you'll need to know what resources your client wants to use from their past and you'll need your client to be clear on what they want from their future.


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Mind Coaching - Supporting a Client with an Online Session

Kate is a client I have seen over the years.  She is a Psychologist who took beta blockers to help her manage anxiety whenever she had to speak in public or make a presentation.  Our live sessions consisted of hypnotherapy and mind coaching to help her firstly to recognise thinking errors and secondly to make changes in her physiology.  In other words we developed positive self talk and the ability to answer back harsh self-criticism.  She learned how to diffuse feelings of anxiety by using her breathing.

Recently Kate got in touch by phone to say she had suffered a setback.  I booked her in for a Mind Coaching session by phone.  During the call, I learned that although Kate had stopped taking beta blockers, she still kept some in her handbag.  They symbolised safety for her although she didn't use them.

Kate had to make a presentation as part of her work.  While waiting for her turn to speak she put her hand in her handbag, realised she didn't have the beta-blockers and the anxiety came back up fully.

She rushed from the room, ran to her locker and quickly downed two of them, rushing back to make her presentation which was a 'disaster'.

The questions I asked provided Kate with the insights to realise that keeping a supply of beta blockers in her bag was holding her back. She knew she could talk without them but as a safety net their usefulness was more of a hinderance.

I told Kate I'd do a session of therapy with her by phone.  She was planning on travelling to Austrailia to her brothers wedding and as bridesmaid she would also be master of ceremonies.  Kate is petite and has a soft voice.  We pre-agreed that a wolf whistle from her would call people to attention so she could direct them to where they needed to go. Now all I needed was a therapeutic technique to remove the influence and presence of beta-blockers in her life.

So I suggested to Kate that she use a Positive Psychology exercise of story writing and to be the hero in her own story.  Write out the story of her life with the problem and how she was going to rise from the ashes of anxiety and become her own hero.

I told her to email me the story and once I received it, we would have the session.

Here is an mp3 recording of the short but effective second session of Mind Coaching we had together.

The session was very successful. Kate sent me a picture of her MC'ing at her brothers wedding, looking fantastic and calm, relaxed and confident.  Kate no longer carries beta blockers or worries about speaking in public. She expects to feel a little 'keyed up' as she starts speaking but experience has told her that she will soon settle and become deeply engaged in sharing her knowledge.

Will Power - Flicking the Switch from Pleasure and Reward to Achieve Long Term Goals

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