Diploma in Strategic Hypnotherapy and Mind Coaching with Susan Wallace

Tool 1. Access the Control Centre of the Mind

Tool 2. Ask Revealing Questions to Get To The Source of The Problem

Confidentiality, GDPR and Informed Consent Guidelines for Hypnotherapists and Mind Coaches

Understand your obligations under the Children First Act 2015

It will take approx 45 minutes to prepare your Privacy Statement, Consent and to get GDPR compliant.  Once it's done, it's done.  Do this before you start seeing paid clients.

Hypnotherapy has been proven highly effective for the treatment of a wide range of medical issues.  However, unless you are medically qualified, you can only work with the SYMPTOMS of medical issues. This does not limit you in any way - a medical diagnosis is based on a range of symptoms.  Working with the symptoms only protects you from medical negligence or working outside of the scope of your training.

You don't have to read this.  But it's here if you want it.