Give Yourself a Promotion, a Pay Rise and Welcome a Steady Supply of New Clients Into Your Therapy Business

 Powerful Results for Therapists who Decide to Teach...

If you can spend just ONE HOUR today working ON your therapy business, then
you will finally discover how to work the hours you want and enjoy the benefits of being a successful therapist with a rewarding practice.



Promote Yourself to the Role of Teaching Therapist and Join Susan in London or Birmingham!


Saturday 10 to 5:30pm
Sunday 10 to 4:00pm

3 and 4 March, 2018
21 and 22 April, 2018
19 and 20 May, 2018
16 and 17 June, 2018


Saturday 10 to 5:30pm
Sunday 10 to 4:00pm

10 and 11 March, 2018
28 and 29 April, 2018
26 and 27 Mary, 2018
23 and 24 June, 2018


Refreshments, mid morning and mid afternoon snacks and lunch are included in the price.  Plus, you'll receive your VIP course materials gift pack if you book your place before the 1st February, 2018.


Full Cost of the Course is £2,500

Pay £250 to access the great online modules.
Pay £1,000 before the first weekend.
Pay balance before the *third weekend

*Most students have made back their investment before the start of weekend number three.

Get Access to the Online Modules Now for Just £250

Upon receipt of your payment you'll receive an email with your log-in details for the members area. You'll be invited to book your first of many Clarity Calls with Susan as soon as possible.

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not 100% happy with the kind of course you can create for your clients, Susan will give you a full refund. If we can’t help you obtain the peace of mind and financial security you deserve then we don’t want to take your money.


 The reasons WHY you might choose to become a Teaching Therapist...

  • More and more clients are opting to book online personal development courses instead of individual therapy sessions.
  • Creating an online course will dramatically increase your visibility and showcase your skills as an expert.
  • You will have an automated sales process that generates new enquiries 24/7 and 365 days a year so that you don't have to worry about marketing again.
  • You deseve to have the security of paid self-days and paid holidays and the best way to get that peace of mind is to promote yourself to the position of Teaching Therapist.
  • You will give yourself a promtion and become a fully accredited teaching therapist with the teaching skills to help a lot more people achieve their goals.

 The THREE Learning Outcomes You'll Get from the Teaching Therapist Diploma Course

By taking this course, you will become an internationally recognized Teaching Therapist.

You will learn the following three things:

#1. How to create courses for your clients (Personal Development) and
#2: How to create courses for other therapists (Continued Professional Development).
#3: Plus, you will have your own course up and running as an ONLINE COURSE and a LIVE classroom based course.

You will be taken through a teacher training programme specifically designed for therapists.  You will be fully insurable as a Teaching Therapist under our competitive group scheme.  Your online course will be FULLY AUTOMATED. This means that once it is created you won't have to do any further work to deliver it.  Your online course will provide you with an alternative income stream.  This MAILBOX MONEY will help you achieve long-term career success and financial security.


 The FIVE Massive Benefits You'll Get from the Teaching Therapist Diploma Course

#1: Become a SPECIALIST therapist. Someone who offers specific results for specific challenges.

#2: REACH and HELP hundreds more people through your free digital gift and online course.

#3: Offer live and online training courses to develop multiple sources of MAILBOX MONEY.

#4: Enjoy the benefits of having a fully AUTOMATED MARKETING that collects new inquiries and creates new students and clients 24/7 and 365 days of the year.

#5: Join the TOP TIER of teaching therapists who offer online courses and have a thriving private practice too.


You will have a fully automated Client Journey that can create new clients for you 24/7 and 365 days per year...

PS: Are you a bit uncomfortable with technology?  You do not need any technical skills to join this course.  You will be taken through a PROCESS that makes it REALLY EASY for you to create the three website pages you need.  Plus we even have a done-for-you service if you really don't like technology!

Get Qualified to Teach Therapy and Design and Deliver Your Course with Confidence on Our Great Teacher Training Modules

  • 1

    Course Creators Bootcamp

    Let’s turn your idea for a course into a course that sells. Easy to follow steps will help you become crystal clear on the solution you offer. Plus we will map out the learning and therapy required to help your clients get the results they want.

  • 2

    Creative Content Workshop

    You’ll learn how to choose and add interesting activities to your course to encourage group discussion and participation. Different learning styles respond to different activities and this module will ensure that everyone will get the best from your course.

  • 3

    Course Validation and Teacher Accreditation

    Your course will be validated and registered as an accredited therapy course. You will be registered on the CPD Therapy Standards (UK) database as a therapy teacher and trainer to deliver continued professional development and personal development courses.

  • 4

    Confident Delivery for Online and Live Courses

    There are seven essential elements every course must have to ensure that all learners stay connected and engaged and get the best from your course. You will learn how to integrate these elements into your sales pages, your course content and your delivery for a great student experience.

  • 5

    Engage All Learning Styles

    There are four different kinds of learners and each as a different learning style and asks different kinds of questions. They also have a preference for different kinds of learning activities. You’ll learn how to connect with all four kinds of learners so that each one gets the best from your course.

  • 6

    Teacher Training for Therapists

    You’ll learn the best methods to provide a professional service and meet industry standards as our industry moves into a new phase of growth. Plus more importantly you’ll learn how to rule the classroom and enjoy every moment of teaching therapy to your clients and other therapists.

  • 7

    Easy Launch Formula

    This step-by-step implementation formula will show you how to launch your live or online course up to four times per year. You’ll discover the best places to promote your course and how to create a buzz and excitement so that everyone wants to get on board.

Create an Amazing Online Customer Journey that Does All the Selling for You.  Your online course will be up and running in eight weeks!

  • 1

    Create a Free Digital Gift

    This is called a lead magnet. It’s a free gift such as an mp3 you use to collect the email addresses of hundreds of potential clients from all your online platforms such as your website, your social media pages and even your email signature.

  • 2

    Send Automated Emails

    Once you have the email addresses, you can start building a relationship with them through email. You will learn how to send them interesting content that they will love. This will help them get to know you, like you and trust you, so that in time they buy from you.

  • 3

    Launch a Live Wealth Generating Workshop

    When the time is right, invite your email subscribers to a live workshop. You can the workshop to gather important insights into how your audience thinks and feels. These insights will help you design a course that is a perfect fit for what people truly want and what they will pay for.

  • 4

    Launch an Automated Webinar

    If you don’t like the idea of talking in front of a crowd that's not a problem, you can create an automated webinar or online master class instead. You can record it privately and when you are happy with it, you can launch it online. Use it to educate your audience and remove limiting beliefs so they are ready to book a place on your course.

  • 5

    Create Beautiful Web Pages from Fill In The Blank Templates

    It's really easy to create an online customer journey when you use these great website templates. Don't worry, you will be looking over Susan's shoulder and following along click-by-click to get this done FAST! If you get stuck, reach out and ask for help - it really is that easy.

  • 6

    Create a Fully Automated Members Area for your Students

    Enjoy learning two of the simplest and most effective ways to deliver your online course. Even if you are terrified of technology, you won't have to get out of your comfort zone. Once your members area is created it's finished! You won’t have to touch it again!

  • 7

    Enjoy Perpetual Referrals To Grow Your Student Numbers

    Getting new students can be difficult if you don’t know how to harness the power of relationship psychology and ask for a referral the right way. Master this simple process and every new clients or student could refer another three students to you.


 Enjoy 7 Individual Clarity Calls,  7 Easy to Implement Online Lessons and Specialist Teaching Therapist Training

Clarity Calls with Susan Wallace

7 Online Modules

Technical Support

Specialist Teacher Training

 Earn A Fully Accredited Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching Therapy and Course Creation

The reason why a teaching therapist can do ALL OF THIS is because they have LEARNED THE SYSTEM and YOU CAN LEARN IT TOO!

Webinar Early Action Bonus Pack. Strictly Reserved for Webinar Attendees Only

Here's What You'll Get...


Early action takers save £500 for being fully committed to growing their therapy biz. As soon as you book, you’ll be invited to join Susan for your first Clarity Call.


We will get your online course up and running fast and make sure all of the technology is working for you.


If you aren’t sure what intervention will get results on any of your course lessons, Susan will share some of her 101 Therapy Interventions with you at no additional costs.

Join Us - Webinar Attendees Only
£2,495 - One Time Payment

Upon receipt of your payment you'll receive an email with your log-in details for the members area. You'll be invited to book your first of many Clarity Calls with Susan as soon as possible.


Teaching a Course can Transform Your Therapy Practice, Create An Endless Supply of New Clients and Give You Financial Freedom.

Read What Some of Our Amazing Graduates Have to Say

Susan I can hardly keep up with all the enquiries. I already have had another two virtual sessions on Skype... and now suddenly my practice has turned around! I now need an admin girl to help with the appointments and emails. It's unbelievable!

Dr Annette Kenwright
Dr Annette Kenwright Hypno Heal, South Africa

Susan Wallace is a specialist at making the crowded online world of advice and 'should' instructions pale into insignificance in the face of clear, actionable and easily achieved steps to access your ideal clients in a timely, cost effective way.

Elizabeth Hall
Elizabeth Hall Ambition Hypnosis

The diploma course has been totally life changing. It's opened my mind to so many new things, concepts, ideas and theories. I'd recommend it to anyone who wants to be a confident and competent therapist and coach.

Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart
Caoimhe O'Grady Tegart Rockabill Coaching

As a psychotherapist I was looking for additional training that would complement my practice. The standard and professionalism of Susan was excellent. I was delighted with the hands on approach from day one. I would highly recommend Susan's courses. They do exactly what it says - 'a complete package'.

Liam Cannon
Liam Cannon New Dawn Counselling