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What you will learn on the Get Great Clients course...

  • 1

    Wealth Generating Workshop

    This lesson will show you how to easily create a highly engaging workshop without feeling stressed or anxious. You will learn exactly what to say and do for all 30 individual minutes. Plus you will get a template so you can easily replicate it and create many more wealth generating workshops. The workshop will demonstrates your expertise and will put you directly in front of potential clients.

  • 2

    Workshop to Webinar Success

    If you are uncomfortable about the idea of running a workshop at this early stage of your training you will enjoy presenting one (like the one on the top of this page) from the comfort of your computer. Plus a webinar is a great way to reach a lot more potential clients through social media.

  • 3

    Make an Irresistible Offer

    We are not in the business of sales. Yet we need a simple way to encourage people to book our services. The best way to do it is to give amazing value before they book. This lesson will show you how to make an irresistible offer without getting out of your comfort zone. Clients will be calling to book therapy with you.

  • 4

    Swipe Files for a Super Fast Launch

    Swipe files are a bunch of word documents that contain all the text you need to copy and paste and create your own fantastic brochures, posters, leaflets and booking emails and success letters! Plus workshop information sheets to send to potential workshop hosts are included.

  • 5

    Brilliant Brochures for Premium Packages

    One of the biggest expenses we have is hiring designers to create professional looking brochures, posters and information leaflets for our clients. This lesson will show you how to create your own high quality brochures, laden with great images all for free. You will save a fortune in design fees. Plus you will have digital copies to share on social media and grow you audience.

  • 6

    Perpetual Referral System

    Learn a highly effective process to turn each client into three new ones. You can save a fortune on advertising. Plus you will leverage the most powerful marketing system – word of mouth marketing. You’ll be able to build a waiting list for your services quickly and easily.

  • 7

    Powerful Client Insight Meditation

    This lesson reveals how your clients think, feel and act so you communicate in an authentic way. Plus you will develop deep empathy for your clients with this powerful visualisation experience. This will positively shift your beliefs about marketing forever. It will also have a profound effect on the therapy you deliver.

  • 8

    Untangle your Self Worth from Your Fees

    This is an abundance meditation that prepares you to feel comfortable asking for fees that reflect the premium packages and premium value you give to your clients. It cuts through many of the money issues many of us have inherited from childhood. Issues that can contribute to the invisible glass ceiling on your income earning potential.